A Life Less Ordinary

is a collaboration between writer Mark Pawlak and photographer Julia Horbaschk.

It captures the spirit of people leading less ordinary lives through adventures and reveals what inspires them.

The project started at the Adventure Travel Film Festival and is heading off around the world in search of inspiring characters.

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About the authors

Julia is an internationally published photographer and producer. Her work has been featured in BBC World, British Journal of Photography, Wavelength magazine...She used to be a high board diver and now enjoys jumping from clifftops.

Mark is an adventure travel writer and editor at awe365.com. His work has been published by the BBC, Travelbite, The Guardian, The Telegraph...He used to be a soldier, thinks he’s a photographer, enjoys disappearing with a map and being pushed off cliffs.

They both cycled from Brighton to Paris partially on a tandem (not recommended!) 

Currently based on the South Coast of England with their two rescue cats.

Photos © Julia Horbaschk, ©Elspeth Beard, ©Michael Strandberg, ©Anna Campbell, ©The Vogel Family. No use without written permission.