A Life Less Ordinary

is a collaboration between writer Mark Pawlak and photographer Julia Horbaschk.

It captures the spirit of people leading less ordinary lives through adventures and reveals what inspires them.

The project started at the Adventure Travel Film Festival and is heading off around the world in search of inspiring characters.

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The Adventure Travel Film Festival

The Adventure Travel Film Festival (ATTF) is the UK’s Burning Man for amateur adventure filmmakers and everyday explorers. A practical, grounded, almost roots collective of would-be adventurers.

An unlikely bunch. Mopeds to motorhomes.

Inspiration shared. The beginning of our journey...

Austin Vince, co-founder of The Adventure Travel Film Festival

Dream Adventure: “I just want to be under a sky full of stars or in a luxury hotel: there’s nothing inbetween.”

Elspeth Beard

Dream Adventure: I would like to go to space before I die

Toby Ombler

Dream Adventure: When I retire I’ll travel in my narrow boat, but for now with my Land Rover I can cover more of the world.”

Marta and Martin

Dream Adventure

“I’d like to take on the Trans-America Trail with a dirt bike”

Marta: I would go on a road trip across both North and South America”

Rachel Nye

Dream Adventure: “A journey in which I meet someone from every country in the world. I’d love that. “

Graeme Tregay

Dream Adventure: “I’d take my motorbike to the US and ride the Trans-America Trail.”

Joe Pierce

Dream Adventure: “I’d like to walk out of my front door and keep on walking, for three months. I’d head South or East, North doesn’t interest me as much.“

James & Kathy

Dream Adventure: “Tour the remote islands of the UK using only public transport.”

Jon Dailey

Dream Adventure: ”To see the earth revolving from space.”

Tez Sheals-Barrett & friends

Dream Adventure: “Myself, Katie and Shantel (equestrian novices) want to ride mountain ponies the full length of the Pennine Way.”

Duncan & Ella

Dream Adventure: “A self-sustained 4x4 adventure where we could walk and travel around Europe, but staying in places to work and experience it more.”

Aaron Tyo

Dream Adventure:
Ride around the world with his cat Popeye in the side car to raise money for the ITIC and Tsunami awareness.”